PechaKucha Night Cleveland


In 2008, I co-found PechaKucha Night Cleveland, a free public event that features 10-14 speakers, each sharing new ideas and work on topics ranging from visual art, architecture, and technology to food, film, music, photography and furniture design. Each presenter is allowed to show 20 images of their work, and each image is pre-timed to 20 seconds per image, resulting in a rapid-fire style 400-second long presentation that keeps audiences engaged. The goal is to expose and attract new talent and ideas, to foster the existing creative community in an innovative platform, and to incite meaningful collaborations among the presenters and audience members. The event was started by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo, Japan. Colleague Raseem Parker and I wrote a lengthy proposal to bring PechaKucha to Cleveland, and continue to plan 4-5 events per year. Each event attracts anywhere from 250-750 audience members to hear the 10-14 presenters. Every event is free and open to the public. This event is for content and not profit and as co-founders and organizers, we sign a “handshake agreement” with the original founders in Tokyo which states no money can be made for the organizers by running these events.

The planning team has recently grown from two to seven people as we continue to find new ways to make PechaKucha Night Cleveland even better. To keep up to date with all things PechaKucha, please keep tabs on us via:

Twitter: PechaKuchaClev

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