Skylines Canvas


In 2012, my wife Jill and I were looking for affordable, yet unique wall decor for a relative. Both having masters degrees in Architecture, there was a particular quality of design we were looking for; though we could not justify the $1,000+ purchase prices we were seeing in the pieces we liked. After weeks gone, unable to find the perfect piece, we decided to just design and produce our own. A few months later after many questions from friends and relatives about the canvas design, we realized we had created a large scale canvas piece that could easily – AND AFFORDABLY – be customized to accommodate any color and anyone’s favorite city from around the world!

We designed each Skylines Canvas to include the most important and memorable buildings of each city. Sizes range from 16″x24″ to 40″x60″, come in ten standard colors and three different configuration options – single panel, three panel or six panel. With over fifty different size, color and configuration combinations available, virtually ANY room can be matched to the perfect Skylines Canvas. We also can do a custom city, custom colors or custom size; contact us at to get a quote on a custom order.

To check out the various cities we already offer, please check out our website –


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