FORUM Architects

From 2005 until 2011 I worked at FORUM Architects in Cleveland, Ohio. While at FORUM I worked with a very talented team of designers and project architects on retail, mixed-use, restaurant, industrial, residential and master planning projects.


Flats East Bank - Ernst & Young Office Tower

Some of the projects include, but are not limited to:

Fantasy One – Cleveland, Ohio  This 27,000 sq. ft. entertainment venue was designed to function as a family oriented entertainment venue during the day, with video games, an ice cream shop and a coffee bar. After hours the venue transitions to serve an older demographic with three bars on three floors.

Chronicle Telegram – Elyria Ohio  30,000 sq. ft. addition with 45,000 sq. ft. renovation to an existing newspaper production facility and associated offices.

The Flats East Bank – Master Plan & Office Tower
Starting in 2005, I joined the FORUM design team that was working on the Master Plan for the Flast East Bank Development. The Master Plan continued to evolve over the next three years as the developer and the design team reacted to market conditions and tenant opportunities for the first phase of the project. The design team that I workd with was responsible for the design of the master plan, the office tower and all of the renderings and marketing materials used by the client in the time period we were working on the project. Our last effort was to prepare the GMP drawings for the contractor to bid the job prior to moving into the production of the Contract Documents. Throughout the project process I was also responsible for many of the renderings (include the one above) used to market the project.

Print Innovators  – Fredericksburg, Virginia
Worked with Design Principal to develop initial Master Plan options and massing concepts. Continued to work with the project team throughout the development of the design and the production of the contract documents. This 90,000 sq. ft. newspaper production facility completed construction in 2009.

231 East Flagler – Miami, Florida
Worked with the design principal to develop conceptual designs for a 25-story office building in downtown Miami, Florida. The project included 16 levels of offices over 5 levels of parking over a first floor lobby and retail level. In addition to working on the design I was also responsible for the renderings used for the project.

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